Care & Application

Here is some care and application information for this product.


    • Are these garden ties reusable?

      Yes, all VELCRO® Brand Plant and Garden ties are reusable and adjustable.

    • Will using these garden ties hurt my plants?

      VELCRO® Brand Plant Ties are safe for use on even the most delicate plants and flowers thanks to lightweight construction and the reliability of VELCRO® Brand Hook and Loop. Be sure to wrap gently and use enough to securely fasten the plant.

    • Are VELCRO® Garden Ties strong enough to hold up tomatoes?

      Yes, you can use this product to fasten tomato plants without the fear of the plant ties cutting into the stems provided proper tie spacing.

    • Is the VELCRO® strong enough to support sagging or wilting limbs on a small tree?

      VELCRO® Brand Garden Ties are designed and strong enough to hold up under pressure without damaging plants. Be sure to leave enough room to overlap by 2-3 inches for a secure connection.