Velcro Companies Unveils its Most Significant Rebranding Initiative

VELCRO® Brand Asserts Its Position Through a New Tagline Stating, “There Is Only One”

MANCHESTER, NH – March 5, 2012 – Velcro Companies, with its commitment to creating smart products, services and technologies wherever things can be connected, announced today the launch of a comprehensive overhaul of its global brand, including the development of a new tagline, logo, brand architecture, website, packaging system, brand positioning and office redesign.

With more than 50 years of experience in creating groundbreaking fastening solutions, Velcro Companies is showcasing its ongoing commitment to innovation and has rebranded the company both internally and externally. The company collaborated with a variety of boutique and specialized agencies based in Boston and Barcelona to help with its global rebranding effort.

“With our new tagline, ‘There Is Only One,’ Velcro Companies is asserting both its heritage and position in the marketplace as a leading global innovator in fastening solutions. We are relentless in our commitment to deliver exciting new fastening products and solutions to our customers and consumers around the world,” said Jurjen Jacobs, Vice President of Global Marketing, Velcro Companies. “Consumers are consistently amazed by the breadth and depth of products and solutions we create. From home décor to healthcare products and construction materials to baby diapers, the VELCRO® Brand is at the center of making ‘Amazing Connections’ for people and businesses.  Our new brand identity is focused on highlighting these ‘Amazing Connections’ in a contemporary way that emphasizes our commitment to ongoing innovation and our position that ‘There Is Only One’ Velcro Companies.”

Until recently, Velcro Companies had a total of three logos in circulation, one more than 50 years old. Through a process that included brand and consumer research as well as an audit of internal brand assets, the company consolidated its logo design, extracting the most visually compelling components of each. The new logo design process, company collateral, layout and photography were led by Barcelona-based Insòlit.

Boston-based Breakaway Innovation Group, led the development of the company’s new brand positioning, consumer packaging, website design and social media strategy. With its brand promise based on “Amazing Connections,” Velcro Companies captures both the physical and emotional connections fulfilled by the brand. Based on the new brand architecture, Breakaway Innovation Group also created a color coded system for Velcro Companies consumer packaging: red packaging indicates adhesive-backed products, green for outdoor/gardening, blue for ties/straps, orange for fabric-related products, purple  for office solutions and teal  for specialty products. The company’s redesigned website, is another major milestone solidifying its new global branding platform.  In the coming months, the company will be rolling out new websites in numerous additional languages to help customers around the world access VELCRO® Brand products and solutions.  Breakaway is also spearheading social media strategy for Velcro Companies, which includes deeper presence and consumer engagement on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. To capture the essence of the new brand promise and tagline, Velcro Companies today launched its brand video which can be viewed here:

Velcro Companies’ rebranding effort includes updated and redesigned offices, which started with the company’s European headquarters in Barcelona, Spain. This project was spearheaded by Luis Eslava of Luiseslava Studio, a product and space designer. Mr. Eslava has transformed and refurbished the Barcelona office by incorporating actual VELCRO® Brand products in the décor. The office now features overhead lamps in which the shades are made completely from red VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® straps. With a clean and minimalist look and feel and a nod to sustainability, windowsills are lined with slim rectangular planters growing real grass. Velcro Industries focused on securing office furniture from young, new start-up companies with sleek, progressive design. Similar renovations are planned for offices in New Hampshire and China.

“We are asserting our exclusivity, leadership position and rich heritage in the global marketplace with our new tagline, ‘There Is Online One’,” said Mr. Jacobs. “’There Is Only One’ Velcro Companies and we intend to be the global leader in the innovation of fastening solutions. When people learn more about VELCRO® Brand products and services, they are consistently astounded. Throughout every touch point with our brand, we want people to feel both the physical and emotional power behind our brand.”

Velcro Companies was named one of the world’s most effective rebrands in the 2013 REBRAND 100® Global Awards. The recognition is the highest recognition for excellence in brand repositioning, and is the first, only, and most-respected global program of its kind. You can view background information and Velcro Companies profile here:

About Velcro Companies:

Velcro Companies is a technology-driven, global organization providing fastening solutions that solve problems in simple, elegant and surprising ways for businesses and consumers around the world. We have a heritage of innovation spanning more than 50 years and own over 400 active patents and numerous trademarks, including the VELCRO® trademark, which is registered throughout the world. We develop and deliver solutions for customers through an integrated production and service system that includes manufacturing locations in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Spain and China and sales offices around the world. To buy genuine VELCRO® brand products and to find out more about our company, visit

Note to editors:

At Velcro Companies, we are proud that VELCRO® brand products have become a part of everyday life, but that ubiquity sometimes produces confusion. The VELCRO® trademark should be used only when referring to genuine VELCRO® brand fasteners.  Non-VELCRO® brand products should be identified by their functional terms, such as “hook and loop,” “self-adhesive straps,” and so forth.  The VELCRO® mark should always be used as an adjective and never as a noun or a verb.  The term “Velcro Companies” should be used when referring to our company and its executives.

The proper use of the VELCRO® trademark assists us in safeguarding the integrity of the VELCRO® brand, and helps to protect consumers from products incorrectly sold as VELCRO® brand products.  For further information on the proper use of the VELCRO® trademark, please see the guidelines on our website.

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