Flexible Product Packaging and Reclosable Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand products provide a competitive advantage within primary and secondary packaging and are at the forefront of today’s market trends. Machine manufacturers; converters; film and corrugated cardboard producers; and consumer packaged goods manufacturers rely on our fastener expertise and global network to provide a complete, reliable solution. VELCRO® Brand products help companies achieve new levels of sustainability, cost reduction, and workplace safety in protecting, storing, and moving goods and help you optimize operations in production plants, warehouses, and transport environments. Download the Packaging & Materials Handling Solutions Brochure (PDF).


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VELCRO® Brand Packaging Closures

VELCRO® Brand products for flexible packages address a number of re-close challenges. Our closures are both “touch” and “press” activated, so the consumer can secure a package with unmatched reliability and be sure it’s always closed. We offer adhesive-backed products and heat-sealable options, so that automation is never compromised. Our fasteners work with coated paper and film technologies, and are ideally suited for existing packaging equipment. Furthermore, the VELCRO® Brand name co-branded on your packaging draws consumer attention at the point of sale.

VELCRO® Brand Product Uses in the Packaging Industy

  • Stand-up pouches
  • Flat pouches
  • Pour & Lok bags
  • Side-gusseted bags
  • Food  packaging
  • Detergent packaging
  • Bags for seeds and fertilizers

VELCRO® Brand Closure Technology

Gift, Promotional, and Stationery Fastening Solutions

VELCRO® Brand fasteners can be a unique feature  for stationery, gift and promotional items, and include discreet, low-profile fasteners that are simple and appealing to consumers. We offer a variety of shapes and colors that can help your products stand out while making the fastener a distinctive feature of your products.

VELCRO® Brand Fastener Gift and Stationary Uses

  • Small gift boxes
  • Folders
  • Bags
  • Envelopes

VELCRO® Brand Technology

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Case Studies

VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Closure System Helps WHIMZEES™ Brand

Read more about how VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® helped drive growth of the WHIMZEES™ brand.

Lundberg Family Farms Adopts VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Closure System

Learn more about how Lundberg Family Farms adopted VELCRO® Brand PRESS-LOK® Closure System on their new line of premium rice packaging.

Warehouse & Logistics Hook and Loop Fasteners

VELCRO® Brand solutions enable you to create reusable packaging and help your customers achieve cost and waste reduction while increasing safety at the workplace. We offer a broad range of solutions for totes and cartons that can easily be broken down for storage and shipment.  Additionally, we offer strapping solutions, such as LOGISTRAP® Straps, that enable quick and easy palletizing of cartons to replace shrink-wrap and banding methods. Our products provide significant labor and material savings for many of today’s most efficient warehousing operations.


  • Pallet and Material fixation
  • Reusable trays
  • Lid fixation for container boxes

VELCRO® Brand Technology