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Around the world, companies depend on our fastening solutions for a wide range of business operations—including bundling produce, organizing miles of network cables, building a trade show exhibit, and keeping our homes and workplaces clean. No matter what the application, Velcro Companies offers products that balance price, performance, and reliability.

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VELCRO® Brand Bundle Ties function well in moist, wet, hot, cold, and frozen conditions, and reduce the bruising and damage often inflicted by elastic bands and wire ties. They are FDA-compliant for produce bundling and food packaging, and custom printing is available for displaying PLU/SKU numbers.


  • Plant ties
  • Bundle ties

VELCRO® Brand Technology

Communications and Electronics

VELCRO® Brand combination hook and loop products are available in a wide range of lengths, strengths, and colors, making them ideal for organizing and harnessing data cables, electrical wires, and fiber optics. Custom converting and printing provide even more precise control and categorization capability, and fire-retardant, water- and chemical-resistant products meet stringent building and safety codes.


  • Cable ties
  • Wire harnesses
  • Laboratory ties

VELCRO® Brand Technology

  • VELCRO® Brand Qwik Ties™ Straps
  • VELCRO® Brand ONE-WRAP® Ties

Displays and Exhibits

Whether it's a trade show exhibit, theatrical set, or promotional display, easy set up and take down are critical requirements. VELCRO® Brand fasteners eliminate the need for cumbersome hardware and lengthy assembly instructions while maintaining the rugged durability that exhibits and displays need to withstand daily wear and tear.


  • Signage and display
  • Cable organization
  • Laminated fabrics

VELCRO® Brand Technology

  • VELTEX® Laminated Loop

Industrial Cleaning

Facilities and building management companies can be more effective and more productive with equipment that uses VELCRO® Brand fasteners. Fast replacement, less waste, and a sure grip ensure that the job is done right the first time—and every time.


  • Cleaning mops

VELCRO® Brand Technology

  • VELCRO® Brand Loop 002