Create Your Own Customizable Valentine’s Day Collage

It’s just about that time of year again, Valentine’s Day. Whether you love it or hate it, we’ve got a DIY that we think everyone will enjoy. With the help of our VELCRO® Brand HANGables™ Removable Wall Fasteners, we’ve created the perfect display place for all of the fun cards and notes you may receive.


Teachers—this is a great way to showcase those lovely Valentine’s all year long! 

Not into the Valentine’s Day scene? This removable frame is perfect for any/all cards you may receive throughout the year. Best part about it? Fully customizable, while serving as motivational reminder of well-wishes and good times!

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Design Inspired by Nature

We were proud to take part in this year’s “BIOMIMETICS—Design Inspired by Nature” exhibition. Beginning in 2013, the VELCRO® Brand been incorporated within this beautiful gallery all around the world, including Barcelona, London, Lisbon and most recently, Shanghai, China.

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How to Stake Tall Perennials

Expert Gardener, Charlie Nardozzi shares how to stake tall perennials, creating a colorful back drop and adding drama and excitement to any garden in this new blog post.

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Herb Garden With Sabrina Soto

I love fresh herbs in the kitchen! But with the busy hustle and bustle of everything that goes on in my kitchen, I get paranoid that my garden won’t stay in place, especially if they’re sitting on my windowsill. Luckily, VELCRO® Brand comes to the rescue again and I’m able to secure my adorable mini garden!

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Lets Paws To Consider What Our Dogs Dream About

As pet owners, we develop a special connection with our furry friends. We ask them how their day went when they greet us at the door, talk to them in silly voices, and even imagine what they would sound like if they could talk.

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