Yong Joo Kim

Artists often dedicate careers to exploring the limits of a certain material or medium. For the past four years, Yong Joo Kim has been doing just that: working with Velcro® Brand products from her studio in Providence, Rhode Island.

She begins with the material, mostly One-Wrap® Ties, and a pair of scissors. From there, her designs take shape organically, resulting in winding, sometimes whimsical, necklaces, brooches, and bracelets.

As she puts it, she is “reconfiguring the ordinary.” Not only by using a simple material to make highly designed pieces, but also by challenging everyday perceptions about worth and beauty. As her work communicates, beautiful things don’t have to be ostentatious. They don’t have to be gold or bejeweled. Value should instead be determined by an object’s ability to provoke thought, dialogue, and, ultimately, to bring about change.

When we first came across Yong Joo’s work, we were drawn to its unexpected nature, and wowed that such graphic pieces could be comprised of so few elements. Her Kickstarter campaign, which will fund more work and manufacturing processes, was recently funded. With such a unique point of view informing her work, there will certainly be more invention and innovation to report back on. Stay tuned.

Posted in: Amazing Connections™, DIY