Neeson Cripps Academy

On Thursday, February 16, several members of Velcro Companies board of directors and CEO Fraser Cameron joined officials from the Cambodian Children’s Fund (CCF) and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen to officially open the Neeson Cripps Academy in Phnom Penh.

Neeson Cripps Academy

After nearly three years of planning and construction, the Academy is opening its doors to students. The five-story school will
focus on teaching STEM subjects, provide teacher training and serve as a hub for the local community. Velcro Companies funded
the $4.7 million construction of the Academy and provides annual financial support for the CCF’s nutrition program, which
serves meals to more than 2,000 children.

This remarkable achievement is the result of the vision and determination of Scott Neeson and the early leadership of Robert
Cripps, a former chairman of Velcro Companies. It was from their determination to improve the lives of children in one of
Cambodia’s poorest communities that the idea for the Neeson Cripps Academy was born. More information about
Scott’s personal journey and the work of the CCF are available on the CCF website

Making amazing connections is at the heart of our business, and I can think of no better example than CCF as an embodiment of
that spirit. Scott and his team understand the connections that help kids succeed – between nutrition and good health, between
health and educational performance, and between education and employability in a dynamic, growing economy

Neeson Cripps Academy CCF and Velcro Companies