Classroom Makeover Contest

The Velcro Companies started the Classroom Makeover Contest in 2015 as a program that celebrates and honors educators and their profound impact on students by re-designing educational spaces to create well organized, inviting and inspiring places for learning. Lifestyle designer Sabrina Soto has been a partner of the program since inception. With her organizational and design expertise, she helps to create an inspiring and beautiful space featuring brand new technology, furniture and VELCRO® Brand products. Soto is known for her creative ideas for functional, bright and organized living and working spaces.

In addition to new furniture, supplies, technology (including computers or tablets) and decorations, the makeover features a range of VELCRO® Brand products – a long-time favorite of educators for nearly endless applications in the classroom. The winning educator’s institution also receives a customized Reading Corner – a beautifully designed space complete with favorite books where students can build a love of reading.

The program is open to PreK through grade 12 educational rooms and open to educators, students, parents and friends. All classrooms, resource rooms and formal learning areas are eligible for submission

In case you missed the contest in 2015, here is a recap of our first ever winner from Joplin, MO: