Applying to Velcro Companies – Resume & Application Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I submitted my resume and received the auto response confirmation that it was received. What can I expect from here?

A: Each resume is reviewed by the recruiter assigned to the position you applied for, generally within 24 hours. An assessment is made based on your experience and qualifications presented in the resume which compares your skills and qualifications against other applicants and the criteria of the position.

If your qualifications are a good match, the recruiter will contact you via telephone to schedule a phone interview.

Q: I submitted my resume/application and have not received any response. What is the status of my resume/application?

A: If you did not receive an automatic response regarding your resume/application submission an error may have occurred. Please try to resubmit your resume/application following the online directions carefully. A successful submission will generate an auto response. Also check your spam filter to ensure the response was not missed.

Q: How can I find out more information about the open positions you currently have?

A: All positions, in which we are seeking an external candidate for, are posted on our website. The position will remain posted until we have a viable candidate who accepts our offer for employment and is cleared for hire.

Q: What steps does the interview process entail?

A: Generally the interview process will begin with a phone interview. This step is conducted by a recruiter in our Human Resources department. Upon the conclusion of the phone interviews qualified applicants are brought in for face to face interviews.

The recruiter will follow up with the applicants after all face to face interviews have been completed notifying them of the next steps in the process. Generally, if you are selected as the most qualified candidate, reference checks will be conducted and an offer is extended contingent upon the successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen.

Resume/Application Tips